How does the scoring system work?

This scoring system automatically levels the value of a mob by the amount of kills recorded. This reflects the difficulty of the mob. The less kills, the more it is worth.

For every kill recorded, all points for the mob are decremented as it becomes more and more trivial. A minimum value is set to guarantee points for all mobs. A trivialized mob has a small bonus included for guilds that killed it before trivialization.

Here are the detailed mechanics:

All mobs have a base value of 50 points.

Each mob has a max value based on its trivialization percentage and number of kills.

For each guild that kills a mob, the max points awarded is decremented by 10 points, down to the base value (50).

Once 40% of ranked guilds kill a mob, it is considered trivialized.

Once trivialized, the top N guilds (the guilds that killed the mob prior to trivialization) receive .1 points per kill position.


  1. Mob X has base value of 50, and has never been killed.
  2. Mob X has a trivialization of 40%
  3. There are 262 raiding guilds, so 105 (N) guilds need to kill the mob before it is trivial.

Max value is computed as

BASE_VALUE + (10 * (N-1)) + (N - 1)

Mob X has a max value of 50 + (10 * (105-1)) + (105 - 1) = 1194

Guilds that kill Mob X within the first 36 hours receive maximum points, and are considered one kill in the total number of kills during scoring.

Guild 1: 1194
Guild 2: 1194

After 36 hours, #kills prior is counted:

Guild 1: 1184
Guild 2: 1184
Guild 3: 1183

This continues until trivialization, then:

Guild 1: 60.5
Guild 2: 60.5
Guild 3: 60.4
Guild 105: 50.2
Guild 106: 50.1
Guild 107: 50

A fully trivialized mob has a small "bonus" applied for guilds that are amongst the top N guilds.

The maximum trivialization bonus in this example is 10.5 points (for Guild 1 and Guild 2), and Guild 106 has a .1 bonus.

The trivialization count is offset by the # of first kills (this may change). In this example 1 more guild gets a bonus since there were 2 first kills. If there were just one first kill in 36 hrs (rare!), then Guild 105 would be last to receive a bonus of .1

How do I see the scoring for each encounter?
Click the Scoring link on the main page, this will take you to a detailed breakdown of all encounters.
How do disputes work?
Click on the Verify menu, find the kill, then hit the dispute button. A confirmation page will be displayed that must be filled out and submitted. Multiple registered users disputing the same kill brings more weight to the review process. The admins/moderators have final say in the matter. Please allow 2 days for disputes to be resolved, though they are likely to be processed faster.

Kills without a dispute button cannot be disputed, as they are either:

  • Admin/Moderator entered
  • Raid Hub Certified Kills
  • Disputed kill that has been verified
NOTE: Only one dispute is permitted per user at a time. As soon as your dispute has been reviewed you may dispute another, regardless of the outcome/state of the dispute process.

The Verify/Dispute page shows kills submitted over the last 2 weeks. Kills may be disputed/verified for up to 2 weeks. This should give plenty of time for action to be taken. We will adjust this as needed, just trying to keep the database under control.

Any kill that ages for 2 weeks with under 3 verifications will be automatically purged from the system.

My kill isn't showing up in the verify page!
Once a kill is submitted, it can take up to 10 minutes for it to show up in the verification table.
My kill isn't showing up in the rankings!
A kill must have 3 verifications to be recognized and processed by the ranking system. The initial kill submission counts as one confirmation.
How often are kills ranked?
The ranking system runs automatically every 10 minutes.
How are kills automated?
If you are a Raid Hub subscriber, your kills are automatically verified if enough clients submit a kill within a 5 minute window with similar durations.
Do I have to use Raid Hub to be ranked?
For automated submission and verification Raid Hub is required. You can however use the manual submission method to update your progress.
What about alliances?
If you're running a raid alliance, just submit the alliance as a new guild on the site. Raid Hub will provide kill updates for subscribers that are in an Alliance.
How does this integrate with SOE guild data feeds?
SOE provides achievements data via data.soe.com. All achievements are checked for an entry, and a new kill is added automatically if none is found.

If an existing kill has been submitted, and the timestamp is "close" (within 60 minutes), the kill is certified automatically, with the time adjusted to SOE feed time.

If an existing kill has been submitted, and the timestamps do not match (over 60 minutes), the kill entry is left alone. The dispute pro

Guild Recruiting information is displayed on each summary page, and is supplied by the SOE data feeds.

My guild isn't receiving automated updates from SOE or Raid Hub!
There is a 48 hour window for new guilds to enter their own kill data. This allows you enough time to put in real dates for older content.

Once the guild has been in the system for 48 hours, all feeds will be checked.

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