Mithril of Everfrost Summary

Recruiting for Mithril on Everfrost (sourced from SOE data feeds)
Guild Message
Raid nights are Fri Sat 8-11 PM ET, Sun 7-10 ET
Playstyle Standard
Minimum Level 95
Fighters Fighters not needed at this time
Priests Priests not needed at this time
Scouts Scouts not needed at this time
Mages Mages not needed at this time

Accursed Sanctum
Encounter Date of Kill FKV Value
Accursed CustodianSOE Data Feed Certified2013-12-06 18:16:29 PST50 50
Ageless CustodianSOE Data Feed Certified2013-12-07 19:55:47 PST149 51
Adherent CustodianSOE Data Feed Certified2013-12-08 18:43:38 PST182 51.3
Subsistent CustodianSOE Data Feed Certified2013-12-13 18:33:29 PST171 51.2
Kaasssrelik the AfflictedSOE Data Feed Certified2013-12-21 19:35:34 PST138 50.9
Protector of StoneSOE Data Feed Certified2014-01-04 19:02:40 PST105 50.6
Sesria and DenaniSOE Data Feed Certified2014-01-04 19:38:40 PST149 51
The LegionnairesSOE Data Feed Certified2014-02-28 19:58:32 PST127 50.8
Sacrificer BuranSOE Data Feed Certified2014-01-05 18:18:38 PST138 50.9
Matri MarnSOE Data Feed Certified2014-02-21 18:42:38 PST50 50
The Crumbling EmperorSOE Data Feed Certified2014-02-21 20:27:25 PST50 50
Total for Accursed Sanctum 557.7
Temple of Veeshan
Encounter Date of Kill FKV Value
Sontalak-0 0
Essedara and Jalkhir-0 0
Caden and Kelplin-0 0
Rarthek the Swiftclaw-0 0
Kigara and Kelana-0 0
Derig Cinderaxe-0 0
Tavekalem-0 0
Grendish-0 0
Aerakyn Commanders-0 0
Merig, Harin and Gerid-0 0
Jardin the Conqueror-0 0
Andreis the Culler-0 0
Pyrelord and Controller-0 0
Klandicar-0 0
The Consumer of Bones-0 0
Total for Temple of Veeshan 0
Laboratory of Lord Vyemm: Fabled
Encounter Date of Kill FKV Value
Lord Vyemm and Alzid PrimeCertified By Age2014-01-26 16:48:28 PST1414 62.5
Total for Laboratory of Lord Vyemm: Fabled 62.5
Fabled Contested
Encounter Date of Kill FKV Value
Mutagenic Outcast (Fabled)-0 0
Three Princes (Fabled)-0 0
Total for Fabled Contested 0
Contested: Vesspyr Isles
Encounter Date of Kill FKV Value
Draazak the Ancient-0 0
Total for Contested: Vesspyr Isles 0
Total for Tears of Veeshan 620.2
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